Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai

Rediscover your source and Experience a heightened state of relaxation unlock your inner calm with traditional acupressure techniques on points along the body’s meridian lines. Feel muscle tension dissipate and enjoy more flexibility, enhanced circulation and overall revitalization. The pressure can be tailored to your level of comfort, releasing muscle tension, improving flexibility and stimulating circulation.

60 Mins / 500 THB
120 Mins / 790 THB

Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob) 

(Foot Sensation Cleaning + Traditional Thai Massage + Herbal Ball Compress)


This traditional healing remedy delivers the sensual harmony of ancient Thai herbs, including fresh lemongrass, turmeric and plai, in a heated compress to help relieve aches and pains. uses a warm homemade herbal compresses made with fresh lemongrass, turmeric and plai to relieve aches and pains. Combined with a traditional Thai massage, the treatment will leave you relaxed and restored revitalized. 


120 Mins / 1,200 THB

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a full body oil massage which designed to invigorate by combining light acupressure and slow strokes with the soothing qualities of aromatherapy. As your body sinks into deep relaxation, the essential oils help nurture your skin while stimulating your senses and restoring you to a state of physical and mental well-being.


60 Mins / 950 THB

90 Mins / 1,490 THB

Warm Aromatherapy Massage

The use of Warm Oil provides additional comfort to your skin in this gentle massage, designed to release muscle tension and improve flexibility, which effectively releases muscle tension. This treatment also stimulates your senses and relaxation from the soothing scent of natural essential oil scent, which also promote overall healing.


60 Mins / 1,290 THB


A European style massage, complemented by organic sweet almond oil, offers the perfect combination of relaxation and restoration ultimate in relaxation. The application of the aromatic oil on the body through slow, repetitive movements helps the soothing oil to penetrate muscle fibres, release toxins and promote a feeling of pure bliss.


60 Mins / 1,290 THB

Deep Tissue massage

Ideal for athletic individuals, this intense massage focuses on releasing muscular tension, relieving pain and even eliminating deep-seated stress. With strong strokes across the grain of the muscle, loosen tightness, restore flexibility and promote better circulation to aid healing.


60 Mins / 1,290 THB

Siamese Head Massage

This traditional ancient Thai head scalp massage effectively helps to alleviates stress, migraines and headaches. Using massage friction and pressure, concentrating on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face, its stimulate and relax for refresh your feeling and clearer mind.


30 Mins / 400 THB
60 Mins / 790 THB

Organic Coconut Head Massage


This Indian ancient therapeutic treatment using Organic Coconut Oil drop into seven “Chakras” gently massage, concentrating on head, neck and shoulder to healing and balancing body.  It benefits for headaches, sleeplessness and insomnia as well as boosts memory capabilities.  Leave you completely refresh and clearer mind.



30 Mins /    790 THB
60 Mins / 1,100 THB

Back & Shoulder Massage

Counter stress with a shorter version of Traditional Thai Massage, which concentrates on the upper back, neck and shoulders to release stiffness, ease strain and relieve muscle t ension.  A heavenly scalp massage follows, to stimulate strengthening the body’s own healing mechanism and evoking a holistic sense of harmony.


30 Mins / 350 THB
60 Mins / 600 THB

Aroma Foot Reflexology

Pamper your tired feet with a traditional Thai regimen, where reflexology relieves pain by stimulating specific pressure points on the feet. This controlled pressure on specific points of the soles helps soothe the arches, toes and heels. It is effective for promoting good health, preventing illness and relieving symptoms of stress.

30 Mins / 400 THB
60 Mins / 700 THB

Tropical fruit Foot Scrub & Reflexology

This special therapy is designed for naturally soothe, hydrate and refresh tired feet with Tropical fruit Scrub that used for exfoliating rough and callused skin. It is naturally hydrating properties soothe and smooth for more refreshing sensation. Foot Reflexology massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality tension pressure points on the foot are focused in order to target other parts of the body. Suitable for foot detox, pain,removing dead skin,discomfort, refresh arches, toes and heels. 


75 Mins / 990 THB